Want to Look Pretty Without Makeup?

pretty girl sunlight

Sometimes, you feel too burdened face make-up for a moment and decided to “dismiss” out of makeup products. This is when you need to look pretty!

“Leave” day alone can make the skin can breathe, thus helping to maintain its condition. Only, you may also feel less confident when out of the house without makeup.

Well, try to see tips from experts that help you look more beautiful and confident without applying too much make-up product to the face!

Wear light colored clothing

Bright colors will help make your skin look pink and fresh. ”Colors such as red will give a natural flush on your cheek nan fresh,” says Kiran Rai, creative director of the Sir Alistair Rai, one of the women’s apparel brand in the United States. Avoid dehydration of the skin

The more dry your skin, the older you look. Restore color in the face by using a moisturizer that contains antioxidants and vitamin C.

”Both of these materials will help make your skin more healthy and resilient,” Misbah Khan, MD, assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Weill Cornell Medical College said. Apply moisturizer when your skin condition is still a little damp, so the effect is more pronounced.

Lentikkan eyelashes

No need to wear mascara, lashes bend enough to give the impression of wider eyes and you’ll be more confident. Tips from Tina Turnbow, celebrity makeup artist, do not forget to make sure your lashes are clean, dry, and free from the rest of the mascara. Then, jepitlah lashes and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat as necessary.

Use the retinol at night to look pretty

Do not sleep immediately after the move. Apply a moisturizer containing retinol night into your skin, and then sleep. Throughout the night, retinol vitamin A derived from it will help the skin produce more collagen and make wrinkles look less conspicuous. In the morning, skin will look fresher. ”Avoid the use of retinol in the daytime, because it implies very sensitive to sun exposure,” Dr Khan’s message.

Spray mist facial to look pretty

If you do not sleep last night and wanted to look brighter without the help of powder or concealer, try using a facial mist. Spray to the face to create a freshness in an instant. Do not forget to always carry a facial mist in your purse and use whenever you feel tired and dry skin. This will help restore moisture, so you will look fresher and younger.