Makeup Sex

How to Have Makeup Sex to Fight Off Relationship Stress

Makeup sex is a general term for sexual intercourse that can be experienced once conflict within an intimate relationship has emerged. These conflicts can range from simple arguments to complete relationship break-ups. Sex under such circumstances can be more intense and invested with more sexual meaning.

The stress, trauma and conflict associated with breaking up a relationship can leave people seeking distraction from the emotional distress. By engaging in sexual activities that are not typically linked to a romantic relationship.

It is important to engage in makeup sex when one feels that the relationship is at risk of ending. This is also a way to cope with the anger, pain and frustration that can come from a break up. By relieving one of the burden of dealing with relationship issues. One can better focus on strengthening and repairing the relationship. Avoid focusing attention on the negative effects that a break up can have on a relationship.

This is also a good way to attract a new partner into the relationship. As the familiarity of having had makeup sex and the potential for it to start a new romance. Make the partner feel more attracted to you than you currently do.

This would obviously be a good thing if your relationship is still on track and based on love, however if a breakup is imminent, this can be quite the opposite and a sure way to drive away potential lovers.

In a world where conflict breaks up relationships left and right. Makeup sex can be the solution to a prolonged period of emotional turmoil. The peace and comfort brought by one another’s presence can help couples struggling through a difficult fight to remain together in the long run.

Fighting is never good and can cause lasting damage to a relationship. But couples who know how to share a kiss have a fighting chance against those couples who let conflict completely rule their lives.