How to Spice Up Sex Life

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How to spice up your sex life?

How to Spice Up Sex Life is question you ask yourself every day? You can always start with a little foreplay. Foreplay does not always have to involve intercourse. Just touch a little more gently, massage a little more gently… those are the sort of things we do when we are just beginning to become intimate with each other. Introduce some gentle touching and rubbing for that great start to foreplay.

Now, how to spice up your sex life by trying something new

Have a look at some porno mags or adult magazines. Find something that is sensual and get yourself involved in watching it. This will encourage exploration in all areas of your sex life, because it will provide you different ways to perform, and new positions to try.

It is very easy to become stagnant with the same old things that bring you so much enjoyment in the bedroom. That can lead to boredom, frustration, and anger at your partner, which in turn will make the sex less enjoyable. Spice things up a little with some new positions. This way you and your partner will both be taken by surprise and this will bring about a much more intimate relationship between the two of you.

Another good way how to spice up your sex life is to take turns being dominant and giving one another a nice orgasm. This is not about making your partner feel bad for feeling like they are lacking in a certain area. Just keep a few things in mind, and you will find that you are soon sharing orgasms that are mutually satisfying for both of you.

Some couples have a very difficult time to implement this

The rut sometimes prevents them from ever having any real excitement. If this is you and your partner are stuck in a rut, try to be more adventurous in bed. You might just be surprised at how long your marriage could last when you take this approach.

Lastly, spice up your sex life and reconnect with your partner

If you two haven’t had sex in awhile it might just be the time for it. Whatever the reason, make it happen tonight. You will feel incredible and it may even bring your relationship back to the level you were on before the marital problems.

To spice up your sex life you need to be more thoughtful about what you do and say to your partner. Keep some good sex tips on hand too. A simple, “I want to make us both feel great” is a great intent. This intention can carry over into conversation and turns into sexy talk that gets the juices flowing. When you couple are having a good time and talking openly it’s a sign that the tension is beginning to be released.

Whether you’re married or single, always be thinking of how to change bed time direction

The more focused you are, the better things will naturally fall into place. Keep an open mind about trying new things and you may find ways to turn your partner on without them even realizing it! Remember, that it’s all about bringing out the best qualities about each other. If you are constantly finding ways to be more spontaneous and fun, you should be able to easily make your partner feel wanted and exciting.