Do Male Enhancement Herbs Work?

male enhancement herbs

When it comes to Male Enhancement Herbs, guys are asking questions such as, “Should I try Male Enhancement Herbs? Are they dangerous? Is there any medical risks or side effects? Are there any natural herbs we can use that are absolutely safe?

For the record, let’s lay all the cards on the table upfront. Those are not the type of questions you ask any company that is selling Male Enhancement Herbs or any type of product for that matter. This rule should apply if they are selling any type of pill, herb, concoction, potion or apparatus they claim will increase male potency, size or staying power.

The reason being is simple; they have a vested and biased interest in seeing that you make a purchase. That means you are most likely to receive a sales pitch as opposed to an unbiased and truthful assessment of the product or item in question.

As far as Male Enhancement Herbs go, this is crucial because you are talking about consuming a product. A product that if not properly taken, could have temporary or long-term side effects. Cases in point are the natural herbs ephedra and yohimbe.

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Ephedra As a Male Enhancement Herb

Ephedra was once touted as the perfect natural Herb for male enhancement. If you performed an online search, you would find companies selling their products with this herb even though the FDA has banned Ephedra since 2004! The reason for the ban was simple; there was accumulative and overwhelming evidence of the adverse effects Ephedra was having including numerous deaths.

Yohimbe As a Male Enhancement Herb

In the United States Yohimbe is classified as a prescription drug specifically for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However a quick search online and you will find hoards of companies hawking this product, you guessed it – without a prescription! Here’s where it gets dicey. Yohimbe has some pretty alarming side effects such as: paralysis, hallucinations and dangerously harmful changes in blood pressure.

That being said; don’t be frightened or alarmed about all Male Enhancement Herbs! Those were just warnings to say, “Be on your Ps and Qs! Translated, check out a product first from respected third parties with no vested interest before you decide yea or nay.

The first check you should make is to see if the FDA Federal Drug Administration has banned the herb or is in the process of attempting to do so. This is important because oftentimes companies know they have a bad or harmful product, yet they will fight the FDA tooth and nail to keep their junk in the marketplace.

If they FDA is pushing to get a herb or other product shelved, you would be wise to forgo consuming it. If the company in question wants guinea pigs, let them use their lobbyist! No pun intended. The next place to check is to see if the herb is on Germany’s Commission E.

EU Herbal Regulators

This is Germany’s herbal regulatory agency that lists all of their unapproved herbs due to health concerns about the herb’s safety and actual effectiveness. No offense to our Canadian neighbors, but never use Canada as a barometer to confirm the efficacy of such products. They have a history of being way to liberal with such companies and products.

Once a product passes through those filters and vital safety checks, the next step is to do your homework and research to determine if the herb or product actually works. The beautiful thing about the Internet is people are quick to jump on sites like the Rip Off Report, the Better Business Bureau and similar types of sites when they feel that have been sold a worthless bill of goods.

Pick Male Enhancement Herbs With Good Reputation

Consequently, if a particular male enhancement herb has a good reputation or is a bad risk, you will usually find out rather quickly once you perform an online search. What you want to look for are male enhancement herbs that are risk-free, side effect free and yet they offer the natural benefits of boosting your impotency and staying power.

The greatest advantage of using male enhancement herbs is they don’t require a medical prescription, there are no side effects and you don’t have to have surgery to see any results. They also are lest costly than their counterparts.

As you probably already know, numerous countries from around the world have employed the use of natural male enhancement herbs for years. Why? Because they work and that’s a fact! Just a final reminder, the key is doing your homework and research prior to committing to using any product.