Bra narrowness, Cellulite threat

Bra narrowness cellulite

BRA has a function to support the breasts of women, several types also store other benefits. Bra Narrowness is worst case scenario. Wrong in choosing a suitable bra breast size, the effect just does not improve the appearance.

Bra is a component of a woman dressed in the most closely related to the skin. Not surprisingly, the use of a bra is of great concern before the body finally wrapped outer garment. Yet despite the variety of bras have been designed with the appropriate size of the breast. Not all women can make the right choice.

Error selecting appropriate bra cup size or bust turned out to bring its own problems. In addition to back pain and back pain can be felt. It appears also folds under the bra strap. These folds will be more visible when you wear tight t-shirt.

“Folds figure ’8 ‘which recently appeared as a result of her bra and panties that are too tight,” said Dr. Riri Elmarina MKes as Public Relations Manager to Legal Impressions when met at Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta, recently.

What do experts have to say about bra narrowness

According to Dr. Riri, the use of a bra is too tight it will cause fat and water in an area close to the bra strap would be trapped. And when worn constantly, this will cause cellulite that will not easily be eliminated only by diet and exercise.

“Want to raise breast, she thought that wearing a smaller bra will quickly rise, but it will not. This is even more excruciating breast, “he added.

Impact of cellulite will be easily seen in obese women. Skin is not tight because the content of fat and more body fluid.

“But the body slim and toned skin also remains a problem because it must have been formed cellulite too, just time for a little while,” he explained.

Young chubby woman with oversized pant, portrait

As the formula is important, consider how to measure the circumference of the chest and the cup so you can find the right bra, as quoted from the book “All About Women’s Health”. To measure the circumference of the breast, place a cloth wrapped around the chest measurement right at the bottom of the breast. To get the bust size, add five inches in size has been obtained. For example, you measure 27 inches, then after adding five inches to 32 inches in size. Means, bust size bra that is appropriate for you is 32.

While the bra cup size is obtained by calculating the difference between bust size bust bra with the largest (most prominent bust size and the greatest diameter of the breast, usually parallel to the nipple). Customize this difference with a standard cup size down. Suppose, bra bust chest circumference of 32 inches and 34 inches of your greatest. The difference of two inches, and the corresponding cup is the cup B.