Blog about sex – It’s Not Just for Straight Orientation Anymore

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Blogging About Sex?

Do you own a blog about sex, or do you aspire to one day own one? If not, then this article is for you! When I started blogging, I didn’t really know what I wanted to blog about, so I just blog about anything and everything I thought people might find interesting. I still haven’t found a topic I want to blog about yet, but one thing I will say is that as you become more interested in sex, you will find more topics you can blog about.

Sex Blogs you can follow in 2021

Do you own a blog about sex, or do you aspire to one day be able-bodied enough to blog about sex? If not, then here are 8 sex blogging topics you can borrow! These are all from my own interests and hobbies (making sex videos and dildo guides, handicapped sex, and sex toys). By borrowing these topics, you will be able-bodied folks like myself who want to discuss sex in a non-judgmental, open-minded way.

Real and Fake Sex Related Blogs

When I was younger, I always thought there wasn’t-not-a-real dollhouse in the world. However, I am now past that age, and I don’t see dolls as the “real” sex toys anymore, but rather, prosthetics. For instance, prosthetic breasts for those ladies who wish they were as big as a real chest. You can find them in a variety of colors and sizes, and most are fully adjustable (you know, depending on the size of your breasts). Some of the “real” chests have remote control “thumbs” that allow the woman to choose which type of pump is used based on personal preference.

How-To Blogging – Blog About Sex

My next topic is how-to blogging! My personal favorite is when someone has an illness and wants to share their-blog-about-sex life with others who suffer from similar ailments. For instance, someone might have herpes, or someone might just want to talk about their painful period experiences. Whatever it is, someone-or some-people would definitely benefit from reading about their illness so they can better understand what is happening. I’ve even read blogs from recovering sex addicts where the subjects talk about their “recovery,” or how they feel after sex.

Other sex orientations blogs

Yes, LGBT people are sexual beings just like anyone else! In fact, I believe that many disabled people feel more comfortable talking about sex and more confident in their own sexuality than the general population because of it. I think the blog above highlights an example of “what to do when you want to blog about sex and get bitten by the sexual bug.”

The blog about sex you can monetize that way

When you’re done with your blog, you can monetize it by selling ad space or displaying Google ads. If you want to blog about sex toys, for instance, display Google ads about “porn toys,” or put some other type of ad up on your blog that discusses sex toys or other sex-related topics. That way, when people search for “porn toys” or “sex toys” on Google they’ll see your blog and hopefully click on it. Of course, this is only one way that you could make money off of your blog – other options include selling affiliate products such as music, movies, or games that are specifically meant to teach or talk about sex, as well as selling your own products such as an e-book that describes how to make sex toys or other things.